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University of Florida

Researchers at the McKnight Brain Institute work to broaden the understanding of neurological disorders and change them from untreatable to treatable, incurable to curable, and inevitable to preventable. In 2017, The Karen Toffler Charitable Trust formed a partnership with the Institute to provide its researchers with a path to early-stage funding and access to a supportive network.


In 2018, The Karen Toffler Charitable Trust partnered with UCLA to provide researchers with early-stage funding and a supportive network. Since that time, the Toffler Scholar program has supported five Scholars. Scholars are chosen for their innovative thinking, research excellence, and demonstrated passion for their work.

Toffler Scholar Dr. Hofer

Dr. Hofer is the inaugural Toffler Scholar in 2020 at UCLA. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at UCLA as well as the Director of the department’s Division of Bioinformatics. His research focus is dedicated to understanding, quantifying, and ultimately mitigating risk before surgery (the perioperative period).

Toffler Scholar Dr. Allen

Dr. Allen earned the Toffler Scholar Leadership Award in 2018 at the University of Florida while earning her Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences. Today, Dr. Allen works in toxicology safety assessment in early drug development. Her vital work helps to ensure the safety of new medications, allowing them to move forward to human clinical trials.

Industry News


The Karen Toffler Charitable Trust has committed $330,000 through the Toffler Scholar Program to support researchers at six universities. Funds also will be directed toward research organizations working in the areas of dementia research, medical technology, and cutting-edge diagnostic testing.

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Alzheimer's Disease in Women

Former Toffler Scholar Dr. Elizabeth Rose Mayeda was part of the team that presented research that begins to give us insight into why Alzheimer's disease affects more women than men and why the disease seems to progress more quickly in women's brains.


Public Launch of the Karen Toffler Charitable Trust

The Karen Toffler Charitable Trust is pleased to announce the public launch of its newly expanded organization. This evolution positions the nonprofit to provide financial and network support for university researchers innovating high-impact solutions for medical and health-related problems.

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