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Toffler Scholar Program

The Toffler Scholar Program at Johns Hopkins provides crucial early-stage funding and network support. Researchers are chosen to become Toffler Scholars due to their innovative thinking and research excellence.

Graduate students, post-docs, and early career faculty are the catalysts for innovation in the biomedical sciences at Johns Hopkins. Thanks to the support of the Karen Toffler Charitable Trust, the Toffler Scholar Program is helping to advance critical discoveries in neurodegenerative disease research, which holds the promise to help patients around the globe.

― Dr. Denis Wirtz,
Vice Provost for Research, The Johns Hopkins University

Toffler Scholars


Dr. Jeremias Sulam

Katherine Irwin

2022 Toffler Family Scholarship

Gabrielle Farrington (SARE Program)


Zhe Zhang, PhD

Toffler Scholar Spotlights

[Johns Hopkins]The production and degradation of dipeptide repeat proteins


Dr. Zhang is the inaugural Toffler Scholar at Johns Hopkins University. She is a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Shuying Sun, Ph.D., in the Department of Pathology at Johns Hopkins. Dr. Zhang currently studies the production and degradation of dipeptide repeat proteins, the accumulation of which is known to be toxic to neurons.


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