Toffler Grants & Investments


Funding individuals and organizations pursuing solutions for a healthier, stronger humanity




The Karen Toffler Charitable Trust endowment will be directed annually to individuals and organizations working to bring transformative medical research, education, and technology to rid the world of neurological diseases. Grant recipients can be based anywhere and must be a not-for-profit, tax exempt organization.

Selection Criteria

For those who challenge conventional thinking in the effort to create a healthier future, the Toffler Scholar Grant program is a path to the next stage of research, discovery, and impact.

Visionary Ideas

Adopt new approaches and creative problem-solving strategies to solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges with neurological diseases

Financial Responsibility

Create a realistic budget and timeline for various phases and the completion of projects in progress

Collaborative Mindset

Seek effective ways to share knowledge and make connections to advance the work in progress

Measurable Plan

Provide a plan for producing innovative breakthroughs that have the potential for profound impact

Strong Partnerships

Include diversified funding sources to support long-term research and project development

Tangible Impact

Demonstrate the concrete benefits to humanity that will result from the success of the project

Shape the Future by Funding a Grant

If you’d like to support the efforts of visionary researchers and scientists, please reach out to us. Your involvement can change humanity for the better.