Grants & Investments


Funding individuals and organizations pursuing solutions for a healthier, stronger humanity


Grantee Requirements

The Karen Toffler Charitable Trust endowment will be directed annually to individuals and organizations working to bring transformative medical research, education, and technology to the world. Grant recipients can be based anywhere and must be a not-for-profit, tax exempt organization.

How to Apply for a Grant

If you are working on early-stage medical research and global health advancement, you are eligible to apply for an annual grant from the Karen Toffler Charitable Trust.

Selection Criteria

Visionary Ideas

Adopt new approaches and creative problem-solving strategies to solve humanity’s greatest challenges

Collaborative Mindset

Seek effective ways to share knowledge and make connections to advance the work in progress

Strong Partnerships

Include diversified funding sources to support long-term research and project development

Measurable Plan

Provide a plan for producing innovative breakthroughs that have the potential for profound impact

Financial Responsibility

Create a realistic budget and timeline for various phases and the completion of projects in progress

Tangible Impact

Demonstrate the concrete benefits to humanity that will result from the success of the project

Application Requirements

1. Cover Sheet

2. Narrative

Organization Summary 300 words max

A brief description of your organization's history, mission, objectives and overall activities. What issues are you working to change/address? Keep data to a minimum.

Explain the project/program in the context of the organization’s mission and goals.

Describe the problem or need for the project/program.

How did you determine that this program was a priority for your organization?

Describe the objectives and the specific activities of the project/program.

Describe the population you will be serving or impacting.

Describe your outreach mechanisms. What criteria and/or process do you use to select the population(s) with whom you work?

List any organizations you are partnering with for this project/program.

Evaluation Method 300 words max

Describe the evaluation or documentation method to be used to assess the impact of the project/program including a detailed description of the expected outcomes and metrics. Include a discussion about the project/program’s risks and limitations.

  • What are your evaluation goals?
  • List your metrics and outcomes.

What will you do? How will you do it?

What will success of the project look like?

What are your intended outcomes?

What quantitative or qualitative changes do you expect?

  • How many people will the project/program reach?
  • What is the total number of hours of intervention or programming they will participate in, and over what period of time (when applicable)?

A timetable for implementing the project or program, including major phases and an overall expected completion date.

Biographical paragraphs on key staff roles. Also include job descriptions if you are requesting funds for additional staff.

A list of the governing board members including their business, professional, and community affiliations.

3. Budgets

A complete budget, including figures for the current and previous year.

A detailed budget for the project or program requesting funding.

A list of the names of other sources of financial support, including amounts on hand and solicitations currently pending.

Explain what your plans are for this project/program if full funding for the project/program cannot be obtained.

Your plans to strengthen the organization’s donor base and build reserve funds.

Provide a description of internal management controls that have been adopted to prevent deficits.

If you project a deficit, please outline your plans for addressing the shortfall.

4. Supplementary Documents

Last fiscal year, including all attachments and schedules.

A copy of the determination letter from the United States IRS verifying tax exemption status as defined by Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Supporting Breakthroughs

To help us better understand and support our network of funders and researchers, all Karen Toffler Charitable Trust recipients must provide a progress report and a final report.

Progress Report

Progress reports are due halfway through annual grants on May 1. 

Final Report

Final reports are due one year from receipt of the grant, on November 1. 

Shape the Future by Funding a Grant

If you’d like to support the efforts of visionary researchers and scientists, please reach out to us. Your involvement can change humanity for the better.