Scholar Program


Partnering with Universities to support researchers at a pivotal point in their careers

Through partnerships with leading universities, the Toffler Scholar program supports promising young medical researchers, physicians, and scientists who are at a pivotal point in their careers. Where others see risk, we see the potential for profound impact. As so often happens in medical science, young researchers lack the support necessary to compete with established labs. For most traditional funding organizations, early-stage projects are considered too risky. As a result, some of the most promising ideas stall. With necessary early-stage funding and a vital, relevant network, recipients have the resources they need to continue their groundbreaking work and develop into experienced professionals.

Our University Partners

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Toffler Scholar Guidelines

The Karen Toffler Charitable Trust is accepting inquiries from Universities interested in implementing the Toffler Scholar Program at their institution. We are seeking partner Universities that embody the following values:

  • Collaborative mindset
  • Financial responsibility
  • Measurable plan
  • Strong partnership
  • Tangible impact
  • Visionary ideas

Shape the Future by Funding a Toffler Scholar

If you’d like to join us in contributing to the efforts of early-stage researchers and scientists, please get in touch. Your involvement will help change humanity for the better.