The Karen Toffler Charitable Trust Launches to Solve the Funding and Support Gap for Early-stage Medical Research

The Trust honors the legacy of Alvin and Heidi Toffler by supporting future-focused medical research

Los Angeles, CA, June 18, 2020 — The Karen Toffler Charitable Trust (KTCT) is pleased to announce the public launch of its newly expanded organization. This evolution positions the nonprofit to provide financial and network support for university researchers innovating high-impact solutions for medical and health-related problems.

Many early-stage medical innovation efforts suffer from a lack of financial support because they are considered too risky for traditional funding organizations. With an agile structure and decision-making capacity, KTCT qualifies and satisfies funding needs earlier and more quickly than other pathways. In so doing, the Trust helps young researchers and organizations explore promising ideas until they reach a stage of research where funding is more obtainable. 

“Where others see risk, we see the potential for profound impact,” said Rebecca Bartoli, Executive Director of the Karen Toffler Charitable Trust. “It’s one of the ways we carry on the powerful legacy of our founders, Alvin and Heidi Toffler, who showed the world how to see connections, challenge conventional thinking, and pursue a better future for all of humanity.”

Through its Toffler Scholar Program, KTCT provides funding and a vital network for promising young medical researchers, physicians, and scientists at a pivotal point in their careers. Toffler Scholars receive the resources to continue their groundbreaking work and develop into experienced professionals. Each grantee is selected for his or her efforts to advance medical research and bring high-impact changes to the world. 

“I am grateful for the innovative research at UCLA supported by The Karen Toffler Charitable Trust,” said Eleazar Eskin, PhD, Chair of the department of computational medicine. “In 2020, the Trust funded the Toffler Scholar Dr. Ira Hofer, an early-career clinician, to partner with data scientist Professor Eran Halperin. Together, they are developing a method to examine electronic health records to predict complications with surgery. We hope for full implementation of their project by the end of the year.”

The refreshed KTCT organization includes a redesign of the visual identity, website, LinkedIn (@The Karen Toffler Charitable Trust), and Twitter (@TofflerTrust). The coordinated effort advances productive relationships with investors, partners, and grant recipients, positioning KTCT as a leader in the advancement of medical research, education, and technology that leads to an improved future society.