The Future of Research: Coalitions for Future Impact

The global research and development (R&D) ecosystem is estimated to grow to $1.25T by 2025. Fueled by investments from across the public and private sectors, this rapidly changing arena is becoming increasingly and incredibly diverse. What was once primarily a government-fueled engine of innovation has expanded to encompass businesses, nonprofits, foundation entities, and more. Likewise,…

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Celebrating 2023’s Progress and Breakthroughs

Medical research

Since our official launch in 2019, The Karen Toffler Charitable Trust (KTCT) has been providing essential funding and forging meaningful connections to support, promote, and advance the work of researchers who are exploring medical solutions at the furthest edges of science.

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The Future of Research: Powershifts and Implications

Close up of liquid being added to a test tube.

The global research and development (R&D) ecosystem is changing rapidly and dramatically. An arena once dominated, fueled, and funded by U.S. federal government organizations like the National Science Foundation, NIH, NASA, Office of Naval Research, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is now being driven — and bankrolled — by investors from industry,…

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Driving Next-Generation Research Through Future-Focused Leadership

By Deborah Westphal The global research ecosystem is estimated to grow to 1.25 trillion dollars by 2025—and it is changing rapidly and dramatically. The hyper-connected web of business, government, academic, high-tech, and nonprofit entities is fueled by a diverse network of people dedicated to discovering new knowledge about ourselves and our world.  Who, what, where,…

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